Letter From Designer

The Residential Design & Consulting Group, is proud to offer a Collection of Beautiful Custom House Plans on the Internet and Custom Design Services. We specialize in Fine Residential Design and Building Consulting Services. We will continue to add more House Plans on a seasonal basis.

If you are thinking about building a home, planning a home or renovating your home, we offer Custom House Plans, Custom Home Design and Custom Renovation Design. Plan your Custom Home or Custom Renovation with us today.

You can choose one of our Architecture Packages which consists of one detailed set (1, 5 or 10 copies) of House Plans and a Detailed Building Construction Specifications. The Architecture Package provides you with a detailed Construction Document that will allow you to tender out the construction of your new home to any qualified Custom Builder. Each custom home we design is checked by our professional staff of designers, to exceed the minimum requirements of the National Building Code and insure accuracy and quality construction.

If you are planning to renovate your home, give us a call, our Design Team can help you prepare the Design Drawings and Final Construction Drawings, on time and within budget. We have designed many Custom Renovations and are aware of how important the Planning, Designing and Building of your Custom Renovation can be. We can help you ensure that your Custom Renovation Project goes as smoothly as possible, whether you hire a Custom Builder or do it yourself.

E-Mail : Bill@ResidentialDesignandConsultingGroup.com

House Plan No. 2013 ( $1,700 )

As Building and Design Consultants, we recommend the best value for your money- from windows, to reinforcing your foundation walls and footings, to recommending better kitchen cabinets which last longer. We provide Professional Advice and Project Supervision throughout the Planning, Design and Building Stages, which translates into a well Designed and Built Custom Home, that will last for many years.


Whether you choose one of our Custom House Plans, or prefer our Custom Design Services, we will recommend Quality Materials, Construction Methods, provide Design Drawings and Final Construction Drawings, on time and within budget. We also ensure that your Building Project goes as smoothly as possible by providing Project Supervision.


If you have any questions regarding any of our Custom Home Designs or Custom Design Services, please phone, write, fax, E-mail us or visit our office. Minor design changes can be made to all of our Custom Home Designs to suit your particular needs and aspirations.

E-Mail : Bill@ResidentialDesignandConsultingGroup.com