Windows/Problems/ Solutions

Wood Exterior Windows are ready to be painted this Spring. Before you start to paint make sure your windows are clean and dry. Clean your windows with STP disolved in water. Use a spunge to get into every corner. This helps clean the window and remove any gloss remaning on the paint so the next layer of paint can adhere to the exsisting layer of paint. Let it dry before you paint.

Vinyl windows are very popular. But, their is alot of draw backs to the best Vinyl windows, Pella and Ostico Windows. Vinyl Windows are the cheapest windows on the market.  

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Roof Construction Problems/ Solutions

Ice Damning
Ice damning is the build up of ice at the edge of the roof, which mostly occurs over the exterior walls. This is caused by heat escaping from the interior and melting the snow or the insulation is touching the under side of the roof/sheathing. This water then flows down under the snow covered roof. As it reaches the eave over the unheated soffit, it freezes, creating a ice damn. That is why a minimum of 3 1/2" of air space around the perimeter of your attic is necessary. Just go into the attic and if you can see light at the outside peremeter of the attic and at the top of the roof ( ridge ventilation ),your attic is well ventilated. What ever the roof construction is, the insulation must not touch the under side of the sheathing and elliminate interior hot air escaping through the ceiling.

Install the proper amount of insulation in the attic, provide a vapour barrier, seal all penetrations from inside to roof cavity, use a raised heel truss which will allow you to properly insulate to the outside of the top plates with R-40, install eave protection (ice and water shield-best, asphalt-impregnated felt or rolled roofing) from the edge of the eave (overhang) to 1'0" beyond the interior wall and at valley intersections and provide proper unobstructed ventilation at the eaves (50 %) and ridge (50 %). When installing rain gutters ensure the that outer edges of the gutters are lower than the slope line to allow snow and water to slide off the roof surface.

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